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The consumers of the present website shall be familiar wih the present general terms, since using them they agree with them. By clicking any button or link to another page, consumers agree that they fully accept the present terms.



2. The site provides consumers with access to information, related to the order, method and conditions for making purchases and sales through the website, as well as the opportunity for customers to search for, select, compare and purchase such products from the TRADER’s product range. The TRADER may restrict access to a customer’s services in view of his/her past behaviour. Each customer may only have one registration on the website. All content available from domain http://www.maisonmiseon.com will be referred to below as the ‘SITE’.

3. On the webpage (the SITE) are offered products of the following legal entity, hereinafter referred to as the TRADER:

Name: ‘MAISON MISEON’ OOD, UIC 204598682

Head office and registered address: Bulgaria, region of Sofia (capital), metropolitan municipality, 1324 Sofia, Lyulin district, Res. Quarter ‘Lyulin’ 8, 9 ‘3011’ Str., bl. 2, entr. A, tel. +359 29251328

Tel. (office) +359 24264775

E-mail: info@maisonmiseon.com

The company is registered under the VAT Law: BG204598682




1. In the sense of the present General terms the concepts in it are used with the following meanings:

a/ The ‘Trader’ is a trader under the name ‘MAISON MISEON’ OOD, offering goods and services online and opportunity for concluding contracts at distance through the online store.

b/ ‘Online store’ is an Internet site, located at http://www.maisonmiseon.com, which includes database with full information about the products, offered by the Trader and through which sales are performed at distance within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Law and/or contracts with the final consumers are concluded.

c/ By ‘Goods’ shall be understood to mean any of the products, offered in the online store, described with its characteristics, image and sale price.

d/ By ‘Customer’ or ‘Consumer’ shall be understood any person, who performed electronic access to the online store and/or has purchased or made a request for purchasing goods from the online store.

e/ ‘Product range’ is a variable set of products, offered by the Trader in the online store.



1. The database rights for this site and the available pictures of products in it belong to the Trader. The use of materials, posted on this site, on other sites is forbidden. All content on the site, which is files, information, data, and links between data, names, products, images, and another types of content is protected by virtue of Art. 11 of the Copyright Law, ‘Copyright on databases belongs to the person who has completed the selection or arrangement of the included materials.’ The arrangement and selection of all the information available on the SITE is performed by us and we will take immediate action to protect the right to this database, incl. civil litigation.

2. The database is publicly available in order to be used by our customers to facilitate their choice of suitable product and is not intended to be used for commercial purposes. We remind you that in the event that legal action is taken, the losing party pays all the costs of the proceedings, lawyers’ fees, state fees, as well as costs for forensic technical expertise that will establish similarity or identity between the original database and the copied one.



1. The Site provides the Consumer with the opportunity to purchase goods from the Trader’s product range through making a request /order/ and paying the respective sale price.

2. Consumers have the option to add products to their ‘Basket’. Adding a product to the ‘Basket’ is not a request and has no relation to the conclusion of a purchase and sales contract. The request is deemed to have been made after the product has been confirmed by the order form.

3. In order to make an order, the consumer needs to fill in the form to provide contact details: names, telephone number, e-mail, address and shipping methods. We only need the data needed to make the shipping, as well as make the payment and the return terms, as well as those related to withdrawal from the contract. The trader is registered under the Personal Data Protection Act. In connection with personal data, our consumers can first learn about our privacy and personal data protection policy, which is available from the site menu. The consumer agrees to provide true, accurate, up-to-date and complete information about the same when filling in a form. At any time before completing the order, the consumer has the right to change the selected by the same goods and services.

4. Sending and accepting the request does not constitute the conclusion of a contract for the purchase and sale of the selected product. The use of any web-based communication methods cannot be considered for conclusion of a contract. Invoices are issued only on the name of the customer who made the order. If a prepaid product is out of stock, a trader’s agent will contact the customer and offer a new delivery date or refund of the amount paid by the customer within 3 working days.
Before we send the products selected by our customers, we contact them to confirm the availability of the ordered goods and check the provided data. When wrong data is specified in the order form, the same is considered invalid. As a registered consumer, the customer bears full responsibility for keeping their user’s name and password secret, as well as the personal information in the personal account (including address, phone number, and information, related to electronic payments).

5. By e-order from the online store, only those goods which the system allows to be added to the consumer's basket can be purchased. Through the online store, the consumer has access to all the information about the main characteristics of the goods offered for sale. Any additional information, including but not limited to, additional characteristics, method of use, etc., will be made available to the consumer upon request, which he/she can make through the contact form.



1. All prices, presented in the online store are in EUR with included VAT and valid at the moment of their posting. The Trader reserves the right to change them without notice at any time. The goods prices, specified in the online store, are final and include all taxes and fees.



1. We cannot fully guarantee the availability of the ordered items. In case of lack of availability, we are committed to inform the Consumer in the shortest period of this, by providing the same with information at what future point the desired product will be available. We are not responsible for any untrue contact details.

2. At the time of making the request, the Consumer agrees to these General Terms by which the Consumer makes a statement that the same is familiar with the present General Terms, accepts them and is obliged to comply with them.

3. Before making an order, the consumer shall get acquainted with the mandatory information by virtue of Art. 47 of the Consumer Protection Act, which can be found HERE.

4. The consumer shall download and fill in the form specified in the previous point in case the same decides to use his/her right by virtue of Art. 50 of the Consumer Protection Act (see section IX, p. 1, letter ‘a’).

5. Payment is made only through PayPal, online bank transfer. The trader may also offer payment via the PayPal system, as in this case for the consumer and the trader are effective all terms of use of the system, found HERE (https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/ua/legalhub- full)



1. We deliver goods worldwide. The ordered goods are delivered to the consumer within 1 and 11 working days. For orders made on a Saturday, Sunday or holidays, this period may be extended. The delivery period begins to run from the moment the contract is concluded. In exceptional circumstances beyond the trader, the deadline may be disregarded.

2. Shipping is performed by courier services. In case that the Consumer or his/her proxy is not found on the address, specified in the order form, the same is returned to the sender. Goods are submitted to the Consumer or to a third party, authorized to accept the goods.

3. The shipping value is at the expense of the recipient for orders below 150 euros.

4. Each consumer/customer is obliged to review the product and check the specifications, characteristics and recommendations of the products, purchased by us /described on the label of the respective product/, before starting to use it.

5. The trader reserves the right at his/her expense to change the contractor, performing delivery, without any notice, as long as this does not change the shipping method.



1. Claims for goods purchased through the online store are made in accordance with the terms of the Consumer Protection Act. The trader maintains a record of claims.

2. The consumer is entitled to a claim for any non-conformity of the goods with the agreed upon when during the initial review or during the storage or exploitation inconsistencies with the sales contract have been encountered after shipping.

3. The consumer has the right to claim the goods or service, regardless of whether the trader has provided a commercial guarantee of the product or service. Upon claiming the goods, the consumer may claim reimbursement of the amount paid, for replacement of the goods with another one, corresponding to the agreed price, for withdrawal from the price or for free repair under the conditions and by the order of Art. 113 and 114 of the Consumer Protection Act.

4. The claim shall be submitted before the trader or a person authorized by the same in oral or written form. When a claim is made, the consumer specifies the subject of the claim, the preferred way of satisfying the claim, the amount of claim requested and the contact address. When making a claim, the consumer must also attach the documents on which the claim is based: a receipt or invoice; records, acts or other documents establishing the non-conformity of the product or service with the agreed upon; other documents establishing the claim by reason and size.

5. Consumer goods may be reclaimed within two years of delivery of the goods but not later than two months from the establishing of the non-conformity.

6. Address for complaints: Bulgaria, region of Sofia (capital), metropolitan municipality, 1423 Sofia, 77-79 ‘Tsvetna gradina’ Str., fl. 1, ap. 2



1. By virtue of Art. 50 of the Consumer Protection Act a Purchaser in his/her capacity of a ‘consumer’ within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act, is entitled, within 16 /sixteen/ days of delivery, without due compensation or penalty and without giving any reason, to refuse to sign the contract by returning the ordered product.
The contracts that our customers conclude with us through this website are ‘contracts concluded at a distance’ within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act.

For this purpose:

a/ The Consumer (Customer) informs in advance the Trader about his/her withdrawal, which the same can do by filling in the following form - a standard form - Annex 6 of the Consumer Protection Act, which should be sent to us to the following email address: info@maisonmiseon.com. The return instructions are located in the file. We remind you that, in addition to the right of withdrawal, consumers also have a legal guarantee of conformity of the goods with the sales contract guaranteed by the Consumer Protection Act.

b/ For the convenience of the customer and with his/her explicit consent, instead of the standard form, the same may fill in the web form for returning the goods. Consent is considered to be given if the web form is completed.

c / The goods should be returned in original, undamaged package and sent by express mail and the place of dispatch should be identical to the place where the goods were originally delivered.

d/ In case the conditions of item b and item c are not fulfilled, the goods will be returned to the recipient and the amount paid will not be refunded. In the event that conditions (b) and (c) are fulfilled, the amount paid will be reimbursed as well as the costs incurred by the customer for the receipt and return of the purchased product. Refund periods vary depending on the chosen payment method.

e/ In case the customer wishes to replace the purchased product, this can be done within three days from its receipt. For this purpose, the customer has to fill in the return form by choosing the ‘Replace’ option. In this way the same will have the option to choose a new size and/or colour from the available goods. The trader will retain the selected product as soon as the same receives the returned item, then send it to the original address for which the customer will be notified via e-mail. The right of replacement can be exercised only once, but the trader's customers can return the purchased products, following the instructions for product return.

f/ Additional information regarding in relation to the withdrawal from the sales contract and the effect of the withdrawal can be found on the withdrawal form.

g/ Under the conditions of items b/ and /c, each customer may within 3 days return a product ordered due to an error.

You can contact us by e-mail info@maisonmiseon.com or phone +359 2 4264775, from 09.00 a.m. until 06.00 p.m. every working day.

For issues, unsettled by the present general terms, the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation in force shall be applied.


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